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Review Ripper Street

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 26, 2013, 4:03 AM

Wanted to write a little review of Ripper Street for few weeks and since the last episode was on sunday ...T.T .... time to do it <3

what to say about it except that this serie is quit addicting .. it's a period's one which events happening right after the last Jack's the ripper's murder.The 1st episode drop you immediatly in a city still scared about his possible next appareance and that psychosis is all around , medias , police officers , crowd , everywhere . And the strengh of this show is that , the main character , inspector Edmund Reid (Matthew Macfadyen) want to go over it , over all that nightmare Jack create in his district White Chapel, which makes him more objective than anyone else. That's how the show present us Reid : Strong , optimistic and very interested by new technology ..but ..b'c there is always a but ... he lose his daughter a year ago and have physical damage on his body since then , this is his only brake : his own guilt for what happened that day (Episode 8  O.O)

At his side , Bennett Drake , his sergeant (Jerome Flynn) , the armed arm  of the division , ancient military man , he is the physical strengh Reid do not have anymore , and we can easily reduce him at his brutal appareance except that he is not , as Reid he have a bloody past which makes him searching peace now , peace and love . He's probably the most sweet  yet traditional character of the show .

and between thoses two , lay the american Pinkerton from Chicago : Homer Jackson (Adam Rothenberg) . His story is directly linked to another character , Susan that i'll talk about later , b'c ladies need their part too .So ... Jackson .. i'll say that he's the "will o the wisp" of the show , he's as friendly as a totally bastard. He also have a bloody past and as the other two he's trying to hide it, but for his part mostly b'c he risk his head for it (Episode 7 <3<3<3<3) . We do not know how Reid meet him but Jackson avant-gardist medical method seduce him for sure and he claim Jackson capacities for his own (he's HIS american lol). So the team have her legist now even if he is totally out of control most of the time. No need to say that he's my fav character lol

And the women on this show ? there is 4 of them i would say , all with their own specifities: Susan , manageress of a brothel  , she's directly linked to him by their past , they share that secret about Jackson real identity and both hiding themselves in London  from american justice (episode7) . Rose , the prostitute  from  Susan's brothel  , Jackson is her former customer : she's the simple lovely girl , use to lust and loving it , hoping for a shiny futur , she's the temptress (cf Drake 5th epidose) Emily Reid : she's inspector Reid wife , the other side of the tragedy they are sharing about their daughter : while Reid do not believe in his daughter death , Emily doing her mourning alone over a year . they are totally unable to communicate and we are living this fissure between them getting wider at each episode . Deborah Goren : the friend , she's an orphanage jewish manager, she's all the calm and hearing Reid need  , she do not claim anything do not want anything , is her own master and is a very strong woman , the shoulder Reid decide to rest on ...

Next to thoses women , there is also additional male characters : Fred Best as the journalist (excellent character i like him a lot !) , Atherton as the grumpy beardy copper (episode 8 ......), Hobbs as the adorable cute young copper (episdoe 7 say it all .....) ...

also as a Game of Thrones fan ..i cannot stop a second about the fact that there is ...Bronn ! Jorah Mormont ! Hodor ! and Roose Bolton !! in this show XD ..the actors i mean but it's so cool to see them elsewhere ^^

What i like about this show , that it could have been easy for them , on this period of history , to stay on basic , bloody , murders and casual theft but each episode develop a very specific disease / event of the late XIX century . it can be murder , lust , street gang , strike , pandemic , political underground negociation , militia , technological progress (subway , cinematography , medical stuff etc) so we have not only a serie giving us an entertaining moment but also an history's lesson. what  i love the most are thoses little sentences here and there about life itself , the chaos theory scene on the end of the 6th episode is an excellent exemple , it was just delightful <3

in a word : This is an excellent show and i'm waiting impatiently fo the next season T.T  go watch it !!! or  Captain Homer Jackson will take care of you ........

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krukof2 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2013  Professional
j'attends la suite avec impatience :D
ladyarnwyn Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
fan de la serie aussi ? ^___^ tu as preferé quel episode / personnage toi ?
krukof2 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2013  Professional
j'aime beaucoup .
je ne serai dire si j'ai un personnage préféré.
en terme d'épisode le 1er et les 2 derniers , avec l'épisode sur la grève sont mes préférés je crois :D
Les 2 derniers épisodes sont vraiment bons.
Les personnages secondaires sont vraiment très bons.
ladyarnwyn Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oui j'avoue aimer tous les personnages aussi , secondaires comme principaux (hobbs T.T ) c'est une serie terriblement prenante
j'aime bcp le 5 aussi pour ma part , celui avec Ian Glen mais le 7 est je pense mon prefere , le personnage horriblement cruel de Franck Goodnight est impressionnant
krukof2 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2013  Professional
oui ....
atmosphère, personnages, seconds rôles, scénarios, plusieurs fils rouges de folie qui s'étoffe avec force...
sans parler de la qualité de la réalisation, du montage , de la musique , et puis enfin c'est quand même une série en costumes avec de superbes reconstitutions , etc etc ... vivement la suite :clap:
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