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1 slot commission CLOSED

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 12, 2013, 8:27 AM

since i finished my last comm quickly i'm taking 1 more slot comm 
note me if you're interested with the kind of picture you would like to have 

thank you!

comm taken by :iconlethalpepsi:

Not around much...

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 21, 2013, 12:41 AM


:bulletred: 1 rst I would like to thanks everyone who has sent me a little word for my Birthday on monday , it was a very busy and quite disappointing day and still haven't got time to celebrate it  but sure i'll have my birthday cake on sunday ^o^ thanks all of you again :heart: :heart:

:bulletblue: 2nd i would also like to apologise for my lack of presence thoses last weeks , i just moved in a different appartment , now i have my own one , my preciouusssss lol 
i have web again since yesterday so be sure that i'll try to post something new in the next few weeks 

:bulletblack: 3rd i'm glad being able to sleep again XD

:bulletyellow: 4th "star trek into darkness" rocks !!! Cumberbatch is really becoming a must have actor <3 and yeah for Karl Urban shapes *0*

:bulletpink: 5th can't wait to see "Man of steel" i haven't read the critics yet and guess i won't until i see it , but with such an efficient and smart trailer , let's hope the movie will be good too !

:bulletwhite: 6th I WANT TO BE IN DEC to watch "The Hobbit , desolation of Smaug" , the trailer is absolutely beautiful , even if i have a prob with the way elves moving ... too slidy ? too video games like ... but for the rest , Thorin , Bard , Mirkwood palace , Erebor , even Smaug ... i can't wait !

:bulletblue: 7th Game of Thrones season 3 is done ...snirff ..... i have to find another serie to make me wait till next april .... The red wedding was quite well done , the most scary part was probably Talisa's one so much violence in the stab OO ... i'm still haunted by it 

:bulletgreen: 8th i better go , i still have an old appartment to clean -_______-;; .............. don't want to ...

On this particular day

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 25, 2013, 8:11 AM

i skipped reeducation , i did some administrative stuff for my new appartment , i watched Constantine again b'c i love this movie and Keanu Reeves is fabulous in this particular one, and i got a DD.. i got a DD ...totally unbelievable but very very pleasant
so i would like to thanks again and again the particular person who suggested my "something for fun VI" picture on this day :

Something for Fun VI by ladyarnwyn

:iconflora-baggins: :heart: :heart: :heart:

and a big thanks to all those who let me a little message too and commented or faved my art today and all the other days ^0^

Review Ripper Street

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 26, 2013, 4:03 AM

Wanted to write a little review of Ripper Street for few weeks and since the last episode was on sunday ...T.T .... time to do it <3

what to say about it except that this serie is quit addicting .. it's a period's one which events happening right after the last Jack's the ripper's murder.The 1st episode drop you immediatly in a city still scared about his possible next appareance and that psychosis is all around , medias , police officers , crowd , everywhere . And the strengh of this show is that , the main character , inspector Edmund Reid (Matthew Macfadyen) want to go over it , over all that nightmare Jack create in his district White Chapel, which makes him more objective than anyone else. That's how the show present us Reid : Strong , optimistic and very interested by new technology ..but ..b'c there is always a but ... he lose his daughter a year ago and have physical damage on his body since then , this is his only brake : his own guilt for what happened that day (Episode 8  O.O)

At his side , Bennett Drake , his sergeant (Jerome Flynn) , the armed arm  of the division , ancient military man , he is the physical strengh Reid do not have anymore , and we can easily reduce him at his brutal appareance except that he is not , as Reid he have a bloody past which makes him searching peace now , peace and love . He's probably the most sweet  yet traditional character of the show .

and between thoses two , lay the american Pinkerton from Chicago : Homer Jackson (Adam Rothenberg) . His story is directly linked to another character , Susan that i'll talk about later , b'c ladies need their part too .So ... Jackson .. i'll say that he's the "will o the wisp" of the show , he's as friendly as a totally bastard. He also have a bloody past and as the other two he's trying to hide it, but for his part mostly b'c he risk his head for it (Episode 7 <3<3<3<3) . We do not know how Reid meet him but Jackson avant-gardist medical method seduce him for sure and he claim Jackson capacities for his own (he's HIS american lol). So the team have her legist now even if he is totally out of control most of the time. No need to say that he's my fav character lol

And the women on this show ? there is 4 of them i would say , all with their own specifities: Susan , manageress of a brothel  , she's directly linked to him by their past , they share that secret about Jackson real identity and both hiding themselves in London  from american justice (episode7) . Rose , the prostitute  from  Susan's brothel  , Jackson is her former customer : she's the simple lovely girl , use to lust and loving it , hoping for a shiny futur , she's the temptress (cf Drake 5th epidose) Emily Reid : she's inspector Reid wife , the other side of the tragedy they are sharing about their daughter : while Reid do not believe in his daughter death , Emily doing her mourning alone over a year . they are totally unable to communicate and we are living this fissure between them getting wider at each episode . Deborah Goren : the friend , she's an orphanage jewish manager, she's all the calm and hearing Reid need  , she do not claim anything do not want anything , is her own master and is a very strong woman , the shoulder Reid decide to rest on ...

Next to thoses women , there is also additional male characters : Fred Best as the journalist (excellent character i like him a lot !) , Atherton as the grumpy beardy copper (episode 8 ......), Hobbs as the adorable cute young copper (episdoe 7 say it all .....) ...

also as a Game of Thrones fan ..i cannot stop a second about the fact that there is ...Bronn ! Jorah Mormont ! Hodor ! and Roose Bolton !! in this show XD ..the actors i mean but it's so cool to see them elsewhere ^^

What i like about this show , that it could have been easy for them , on this period of history , to stay on basic , bloody , murders and casual theft but each episode develop a very specific disease / event of the late XIX century . it can be murder , lust , street gang , strike , pandemic , political underground negociation , militia , technological progress (subway , cinematography , medical stuff etc) so we have not only a serie giving us an entertaining moment but also an history's lesson. what  i love the most are thoses little sentences here and there about life itself , the chaos theory scene on the end of the 6th episode is an excellent exemple , it was just delightful <3

in a word : This is an excellent show and i'm waiting impatiently fo the next season T.T  go watch it !!! or  Captain Homer Jackson will take care of you ........

b'c sometimes

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 12, 2013, 1:57 PM

when you are tired after a very long day at work without eating , even little things like a liner color on somebody else's picture can really PISS U OFF ....

(credits : Captain Homer Jackson from Ripper Street <3 )

The Hobbit : quick review

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 11, 2012, 6:26 PM


last time i smiled like that was for the fellowship of the ring ... they did it again , Mr Jackson did it again .. i loved it , really loved it
i need to go back to theaters...quickly !

*go to bed with sparkles in the eyes and heart*

(oh for the elves fans ..Thranduil is ..HOT..damnit he looks amazing )
(and for the dwarfs fans ..Thorin is badass AND hot .. well i'm not objective with Mr Armitage anyways but ... what beautiful eyes for a dwarf <3)

Petite revue en Français du film , a ne lire que si vous l'avez vu ou si vous vous foutez des spoilers ^__^

Etrangement le premier mot qui m'est venu a l'esprit quand je suis sortie de la sceance etait (juste apres , j'adore , je veux le revoir, j'aime peter Jackson) : Poetique
beaucoup de critiques parlent d'un ton plus leger que dans le seigneur des anneaux , ca n'est pas faux en soi mais je n'ai pas trouvé pour autant cela tres jovial non plus
l'ensemble , soit disant comique , des nains est toujours tres vite contrebalancé par un Thorin imposant et en quete de vengeance , tellement sombre que rien d'autre ne demeure en sa presence , les nains se taisent , bilbo se terre , meme Gandalf n'ose l'interrompre ..aussi avec un tel ecart entre les personnalites joviales d'un bofur ou bombur et celles d'un thorin ou d'un Balin (qui est avec Dwalin le seul qui apprehende reellement l'importance que represente cette quete pour Thorin) je trouve difficile de trouver le film leger ou drole ou amusant .
Alors pourquoi poetique , je ne sais pas , peut etre la latence de certaines scenes , peter Jackson prend le temps de montrer le poids des decisions de chaques personnages : je pense surtout a celui de Bilbo d'epargner Gollum (et on sait ce que ca implique pour la suite , il sauve Frodo en lui laissant la vie sauve) , ou le silence oppressant de son trou de hobbit apres le depart des nains et le manque que ca represente deja pour lui , au choix de Thorin de se lancer dans un duel inegal , ou meme simplement d'avouer qu'il a tort concernant Bilbo ..tout cela est montré avec un vrai temps de pause a la camera , un moment a chaque fois lourd en consequence , a chaque fois parfaitement ressenti par la spectateur que je suis , et ces moments je les ai aimé plus que tout . Ils m'ont laissés l'impression d'avoir etee tout aussi temoin de ces moments que les protagonistes du film .

Concernant le plan du film , l'introduction semble assez semblable a la communaute de l'anneau , la route est la meme a peu de chose pres ^^
Le film s'ouvre avec une introduction magnifique sur la presentation d'Erebor , de sa magnifiscence comme de sa chute avec un Smaug deviné absolument monumental (en taille *couinage inside*) et l'introduction partielle de Thorin (maintenant on sait pourquoi les nains detestent les elfes !) l'ensemble raconté par Ian Holm (Bilbo) alors qu'il redige son fameux livre et que son anniversaire se profile . (pour les fans des elfes :  on voit Thranduil (sur un immense elan) et on se dit que le pere c'est le soleil quand le fils est a peine la lune ... p**** ... Lee Pace en 5min a du ravir le coeur de toutes les filles de la salle XD)
Il y aura un autre flashback important , decrite dans le seigneur des anneaux , la bataille de Azalnulbizar , lorsque les nains recuperent la Moria aux Orcs , finissant d'introduire le charisme de Thorin et son caractere vehement et surtout pourquoi cette compagnie est telle qu'elle est aujourd'hui et prete a suivre aveuglement ce leader.
ces deux flashback sont complementaires et necessaires et jouissifs aussi car Jackson montre une fois de plus qu'il maitrise son espace lors des batailles et rend tout cela tres efficace
A partir de la on peut se permettre donc de ponctuer le film de l'invasion des nains a Bagend , de leurs gags recurrents autour de la nourriture et de leur caractere tres prompt a s'emporter si bien qu'un hobbit devient necessaire pour qu'ils remettent leurs cerveaux en marche de temps a autre lol (la scene des trolls)
Mon leger bemol sera dans la presentation comico/rapide de Radagast ( qui est la pour introduire les futurs problemes que nous connaitrons dans le Mordor mais pour un neophyte , tout cela doit etre extremement obscur et tres en retrait de la trame de base : la re conquete d'Erebor. Tolkien n'avait que cité les "problemes" par Gandalf interposé , et c'est super d'avoir un nouveau clin d'oeil a Sauron et son morgul lord ) : le personnage a ete compare a Jar Jar bings de star wars .. pourquoi pas , heureusement pour nous on ne voit Radagast que peu et non un film entier lol . Neanmoins quand le personnage se pose on se remet a comprendre l'importance de ce qu'il dit , c'est juste l'exces de mini gag qui peuvent un peu lasser ^^
L'intermede a Rivendell sert a la fois pour donner quelques elements a la quete principale et pour annoncer celle plus particuliere de Gandalf (Sauron) Et cela fait toujours aussi plaisir de voir Elrond galadirel ou saruman
Et a partir de la plus de pauses ... on enchaine la bataille des geants de pierre a l'emprisonnement/evasion des nains dans la cite des goblins , a la bataille contre les Wargs sur l'autre flanc de la montagne (avec un ajout d'un duel entre Azog (le tueur de nains) et Thorin <3)  , meme le jeu des enigmes entre Gollum et Bilbo est tellement dynamique et prenant qu'il ne fait pas baisser la tension qui s'installe dans le film qui va de plus en plus crescendo jusqu'au sauvetage aerien , serein , de la compagnie par Gwair et ses aigles . il doit y avoir quelque chose comme 1h30 non stop d'action je pense , et quand le film s'arrete on se demande pourquoi donc ...on est encore a fond dedans , on ne reve que de continuer la route , que d'aller affronter ces araignees velues horribles et de "later" une fois pour toute Azog ...bref on veut rester ... surtout avec le mot de la fin en la personne fumante de Smaug ...

Bref .. j'ai etee prise dedans , autant dans l'introduction jugee souvent lente par les critique mais pour ma part juste parfaitement adequate et fidele au livre (au mot pres !!) , qu'aux scenes d'actions qui s'enchainent assez vite pour vous donner envie de rester assis pour voir le 2eme film . 2h40 qui passent a la vitesse de l'eclair ..pour ma part c'est synonyme d'une reussite cinematographique.
Je ne dirais pas que The Hobbit est meilleur ou moins bon que le seigneur des anneaux , il est different tout en reprenant les memes elements , les personnages sont plus matures , tous plus sombres aussi je trouve. Jackson a ponctue ca et la des scenes existantes deja dans le seigneur de anneaux comme un clin d'oeil aux fans de la premiere trilogie, histoire de rajouter sa touche Jackson jusqu'au bout .
La seule chose qui sera sans doute corrigee a la fin des trois films , est qu'on a l'impression de connaitre Bilbo , on le voit evoluer etc .. on comprend Thorin et sa colere , sa soif de vengeance , on connait deja Gandalf et sa facon de diriger les evenements en terre du milieu en influant dessus plus ou moins directement , mais on ne connait rien des autres .. Balin est celui qui est le plus presenté .. Bofur a son droit a la parole .. Kili a peine , sorti de ceux la , nous ignorons qui sont les autres nains , ce qu'ils sont  ..c'est deja ainsi dans le livre et cela prendrait un temps infini a detailler chaque personnage ou de penser a leur donner a tous leur part d'action pour leur donner une vraie dimension .. mais pour l'instant ca manque un petit peu ^^

cote acteur .. Ian Mc Kellen est Gandalf ..voila tout lol
Martin Freeman fait un excellent Bilbo , tres british , et j'aime vraiment cette dimension tres adulte qu'a le personnage qui prend reellement sur lui plus d'une fois alors qu'a sa place nous aurions deja fuit 100fois devant l'animosite de Thorin
Richard Armitage suis pas objective donc je vais rien dire mais .. quels yeux pour un nain XD ... non, le personnage est vraiment hanté , habité par son histoire , on sent le poids que cela represente et Armitage nous le fait ressentir par le charisme sombre et tendu de Thorin , je note surtout son changement de regard quand Bilbo met pour une fois en mots l'idee de reconquerir leur foyer .. ca m'a retourné le coeur j'avoue ^^
Et Andy Serkis ..quelle scene monumentale que celle du jeu de l'enigme jusqu'a la fuite de bilbo ... superbe , inegalable ... a voir et revoir et s'en delecter ..Gollum est creepy a souhait , bien plus sombre encore une fois que dans le seigneur des anneaux ...

en resumé , de mon point de vue : a voir +++++++++++++++++++++++

The Hobbit

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 17, 2012, 12:16 PM

On Dec 12th here in France we'll be able to discover the new Peter Jackson's Movie based on JRR Tolkien novels : The Hobbit
i can't wait to see it ^__^ its been a long time already that LOTR ended , time spend fast but i'm already wishing to be 2years ahead to be able to talk about that new trilogy <3

i don't have as great expectations about thoses movies than the previous ones , i just want to spend a great moment , out of time and place and dream for , maybe , 3 hours
i love the cast  , which is a great thing , i'm so happy that the "old actors" from LOTR signed again on thoses one , so it'll definitivly be the same universe , with the same old friends <3
Martin Freeman seems perfect as an hobbit , so english type
Can't wait also to watch Armitage as Thorin , i love that actor voice and Thorin is supposed to be a character full of charisma ,so it'll works out well lol
and Smaug ... and Bard (<3 Evans) ...well ... till 3 weeks to go .. but i'll be at the very 1st premiere in my town , the 11h at 11.55pm .. will spend a full night without sleep but i don't care until i travel far ^_______^

Movie full Soundtrack :…

oyez oyez !
juste une petite up de journal pour une minute pub !
c'est en effet ce week end que se deroule le Ldoll Festival a Lyon / France !
je rappelle les Dates : 6 /7 octobre au DoubleMixte (centre universitaire de la Doua) Villeurbanne !
Toute l'equipe aux Tshirt orange sera enchantée de vous voir pour cette année qui s'annonce tres riche en creation de poupees mais aussi de vetements , perruques , et tout autre objet ou qualite artisitique se referrant aux BJDs !

Just a reminder concerning the Ldoll Festival ^__^ :
It'll take place at the Double Mixte (La doua university) Villeurbanne this week end : Oct 6th 7th
Be sure that there'll be even more stuff to discover and buy this year , a lot of artist's dolls especially but also clothes designers and more !
Hope seeing you there this week end !

Merci de votre attention ^^
Thanks for your attention !
After few intensive summer monthes at work (like always i'll say) i'm finally in hholidays and just back from London , where i spent my 1st week ^^
it's been the 1st time i go there and even if we didn't loose time during this trip there's still tons of things / monuments / shops to visit ..guess i'll have to come back X3
we've also made a little extra there : go watch Wicked , the musical at theater and it was awesome , great dancers/singers/whole show , it really worth the price !

and then what to do ?
for now i'm taking a rest , my legs /back and hands are too tired doing more actually so i'm just lying down in my sofa with cats and tooooons of movies and tv series to watch ,and that till ...friday ? or more i'll see
so the prog of the week is a Tom Hardy marathon !
last year i did a Jeremy Renner 's one so i'm getting back in old england again after that trip with wild californian accent XD
now why Hardy ?
surely b'c it's an actor i'm following since "black hawk down" (10 years ??? already OO) and that i'm so so happy for him having great role at least and being recognize as a fantastic actor . So after having seen "Lawless" poster at each underground's station in london (i should have rob one !!!!)  i had to see him in all his performances again (or most of them , he has done so many things OO)
Sunday was "Wuthering Height" as Heathcliff .. very good performance i'll say : he have a predilection for this kind of mad/dark/sullen character
yesterday evening i saw "The Take" a mini UK TV serie where he's playing an old fashion gangster in early 80's .. this role suits him greatly , he's totally mad in it XDi like his look in this type of role , you can really see the madness pointing in him just before his acts
and today was "RockNRolla" from Guy Ritchi : very cool movie , i guess i saw it already long time ago but it was really fun and entertaining , Handsome Bob got most of the comical scenes i'll say , and it's a total turnover in his actuals roles : playing a soft spoken , humanist , gay gangster isn't very common for him but suits him very well too XD
and that waiting for Lawless release in France on sept 12th ... guess i'll have to watch more movies with him till then lol

which is difficult with Hardy is that i cannot say which role he was the greatest in .. they're most of all very different
just talking about what he did thoses last 2 years :
-Eames in Inception : very cool / comical and smart character , his interaction with Arthur is just awesome
- Ricki in Tinker Tailor soldier spy : i haven't really liked the movie itself strangely (i need to rewatch it) but i remember hardy getting off the screen as always with a great prestation
- Tommy in Warrior : ok ..surely this one i guess .. this movie give me chills and tears .. he's just so perfect in it ... fabulous job from all the actors in it
- Tuck in target : a sexy english spy in need of romance ? .. lol anyways he knows how being sexy XD
- Bane in Dark knight Rises : ..surely his hardest role , no expression possible , only the voice and the charisma of his presence ..but it works very well , he's impressive in it especially in the 1st fight against bruce wayne <3

oh and he's handsome XD surely why i noticed him as Twombly in BlackHawkDown <3

but for now i need to find food .. that's also important it seems and drink ..

and as an end : a little something i'm listening for few weeks… for Iwan 's fan :heart:
The fans of Game of throne will know , thoses who watch episode 9 yesterday (or today as I) will know too

It's been a long time that i haven"t done a Game of Throne reveiw here , but after that epic 9th episode i had to

HBO promised battles , we had a battle and which one ! different from the book but who cares , it was effective , pretty real , explosive , green ..(yeah green lol) and red .. and gold at the end for the winners
it was a very epic episode for a TV show , seriously , some people says that it reminds them of Helms Deep from LOTR , i'm kinda agree :  it's dark and creepy , it's a siege and riders are the key , the main mood looks the same

what did you liked the most in it ?
personally i guess it is how leaders are able to catch attention of their men and makes them follow them , even after a huge blow (i'm thinking of Tyrion of course but also Stannis which was remarkable in this episode.
i also loved the human dimension they finally show in Sandor
and the final of course : end of the battle with as sound only stannis shouting and cersei talking sweetly to Tommen .. giving me chills , till the end song for the winners : the rains of castamere ..great

The rains of Castamere by "The National" :…
...i saw the Avengers .... and IT ROCKS XD

that's all !

*go to bed smiling stupidly*
I'm updating this journal after a loooong break here in deviantart (hospital ,muscles ,black out mind ,pain ,blu ray ,Luke , pick your choice XP) , i'm back , slowly but surely , i'll try to draw again soon to finish the comm i began 2 monthes ago
so don't worry it'll take more time than previously said to finish them but they'll be done i hope during next month when my life will be back to normal again ^^

thanks for your patience and support :heart:

Comm :

- :iconsymilde: : DONE

- :iconheliossa:  : 2 full characters + colors + background (PAID)  : SKETCHING

- :iconvoievoda: : 1 long bust + colors + background (PAID)

Art Trade :

- :iconphenix--land: sisi je n'oublie pas , il faut vraiment qu'on cause XD
- :iconsplit-heart: DONE

Comm are closed ^_^
This week end was the second edition of the Ldoll Festival , organized by :iconorenmiller: and :iconlelahel-clothes:
As member of the Staff i was in charge of the Second Hand Shop with the adorable :iconblackfiriel:

it was awesome again , i was this time really impressed by the quality of the booth decoration OO everybody made such an amazing work on them , it was a pleasure to look at them all
and i do not even talk about the diversity of wig /clothes/eyes/artsit's dolls etcetc ...
they all worked well to give that edition a special feeling , something more pro maybe i dunno but still with that big family feeling when you were walking through the booths , receiving tons of smile and nice words .. and candies XD

so i would love to thank all the persons that came here , pro like fans like just simple curious people , to support the Festival ,making it looks even more beautiful than the previous year !
i was so happy to meet at least the lovely and so nice :iconraouken: and i'm so glad everything goes well for her during this week end too !
i adored kscness 's works too , i bought a marvellous corset from her too <3
i'm in love with Switch Soseo now ...
and it was a real pleasure to talk with the gentle girls from SweetNeat , hope seeing them again next year ^____^

thanks a lot !!!
we'll be back  XD

PS: ....i have a püns...oh no ...not a püns but a Khöl with loooong ears XD this year i got chance and had enough time to jump on it immediatly X3
here's my comm planning for this autumn ^^

- :iconsymilde: : 1 long bust + colors + background (PAID) : DONE

- :iconheliossa:  : 2 full characters + colors + background (PAID)  : SKETCHING

- :iconvoievoda: : 1 long bust + colors + background (PAID)

Art Trade :

- :iconphenix--land: sisi je n'oublie pas , il faut vraiment qu'on cause XD
- :iconsplit-heart: i want to draw something for you and i will !  :  DONE

Comm are now closed , thank you all for your support :heart:
:bulletgreen: Voila voila apres des vacances estivales legerement anticipées de 2 jours pour probleme medical , je suis en vacances et qui dit vacances dit ....comme promis a plusieurs personnes .. Commissions ^^
Attention il n'y a que 2 places , je me reserve le droit de refuser si le sujet demandé est trop complexe ou tout simplement hors de ma portée
Les resa se font par notes et nous discuterons du prix ensemble selon la complexite de la comm (je tiens a preciser que je suis tres lente a la realisation que ca peut me prendre des jours donc ne soyez pas pressé , j'envoi tjrs un visuel du sketch et du line avant de faire la couleur ^^)
(je serais absente du 21 au 26 aout donc si vous n'avez pas de reponse de ma part pdt ces dates ne vous inquietez pas ^^)



:bulletgreen: Coté pub a present , tout d'abord demarrons par le Ldoll Festival (8/9 oct 2011 a Villeurbanne/France Espace DoubleMixte) qui prend tournure et s'annonce bien plus animé encore que l'année precedente !
vous pouvez trouver toutes les infos ici :  … le site officiel… les news regulieres ^^

Les places sont d'or et deja reservables en ligne et il va y avoir pletore de beaux lots a gagner alors n'hesitez pas a participer a la loterie si jamais vous prenez vos billets sur place , ca serait dommage de rater ca ^____^

:bulletgreen: pub edition 2
pour :iconorenmiller: cette fois ci , tout le monde ici la connait mais desormais vous pouvez l'entendre , sisi , en vous rendant a ce lien :… si apres vous ne voulez pas acheter le livre je ne sais pas ce qu'il vous faut lol
non vraiment c'est une jolie interview et c'est interessant a ecouter donc allez y jeter une oreille ^___^ merci pour elle !

:bulletgreen: et Merci a tous de votre soutien sur mon compte DA , j'apprecie toutes vos remarques et gentils commentaires sur ce que je fais , j'espere pouvoir avoir plus de temps ce mois ci pour refaire de la photo notamment ^__^
:bulletred: oyez oyez ^__^


je fais le journal un peu en différé mais voila , l'election de miss tales of the north est terminée et nous avons notre gagnante : Leshya ... oui ben vous l'avez voulu vous l'avez eue .... pas sure qu'elle soit super coopérative pour la suite ^^;

donc comme annoncé sur le journal du groupe , vous pouvez desormais lui poser toutes les questions que vous voulez ! c'est ca la rançon de la gloire hein , elle va detester <_<
donc que ce soit ici ou sur le groupe , vous n'avez qu'a ecrire vos questions dans les commentaires : la semaine un nouveau journal du groupe sera fait avec donc les reponses de Mme Belkam  ^^

de plus , comme la derniere fois , vous pouvez aussi poser une petite question a votre perso feminin préféré , quelle qu'elle soit , ca etoffera un peu la lacune verbale probable de Leshya XD

donc allez y , n'hesitez pas , elles sont la pour ca aussi hein ^^

:bulletred: ralage maintenant ... amazon diffère l'envoi de "a dance with dragons" .... bon j'aurais pas forcement eu le temps de le lire avant fin aout mais greuh ... je l'esperais la semaine prochaine lol
donc je vais d'ici la eviter les sites sur le sujet pour eviter de me spoiler .. vu que je suis deja tombee sur un gros gros spoil pas noté comme tel ... T.T ... j'ai arrreté de lire tout de suite mais quand bien spoilée XD je sens que je vais pas aimer ce livre ^^;

:bulletred: :iconthe-greatest-thing: a célébré l'amour le 14/07 : un petit message de masse contre la politique de DA contre l'acte sexuel en tant que tel ; personnages mariés ou non , amoureux ou non ... tout le monde dans le meme panier , mais qui autorise a coté de cela des gros plans sur les parties intimes de qui veut ou meme des photos a la limite de la pornographie
le mouvement a fait plaisir a voir et j'espere que l'experience se renouvellera meme si j'ai fait la mienne un peu en retard le jour meme dans la precipitation , je compte bien participer a nouveau ^^
le journal concernant l'evenement : the-greatest-thing.deviantart.… english readers)
:bulletblue: I have been very busy at work thoses last weeks , tons of working hours during days / nights and all -_-
hopefully i have a little free week , i hope having time to do one drawing (that i want to do for a loooong moment ) and maybe taking some dolls's photos too ^o^
especially b'c i have my little chibi unoa at home since yesterday and she is sooooooo cute and lovable <3
i adore her little curved body and angelic face
she'll have have some make up correction today but after i'll be able to play with her a little ^o^

:bulletblue: on another hand , :iconorenmiller: and i decide to go to Venice this year again for summer holidays , we really fall in love with this town 2 years ago and decide to go back there again with some friends
we already know where to eat and where to sleep XD since we also fall in love with a restaurant there : The Antica Sacristia : i guess i never eat such pastas quality till then and there so much choice O.O over 80 kind of pizza ! i have to test one there for sure XD and the quantity is equal with the quality , so if you ever go to venice , be sure to eat there , the manager speak lots of language and is adorable too ^^

for the hotel we'll stay this time at Palazzo Priuli , we don't know what it'll really looks like in real but we fall in love with the very aged style of the rooms and hotel , it's a XIV century palazzo very near our restaurant and st marco place
we reserved that room :… *O* As Syrkell saying , Loki surely designed it himself XD that's why we reserved this one in particular lol seems like she have a private venician balcony , which would be cool <3 Can't wait to see it in real , it'll give me strengh for the always very exhausting summer work >.<

:bulletblue: And congratulations to :iconlady-lawy: and :iconsolyane21: for winning :icontalesofthenorth: contests ! the choice was hard since all texts were nice and well written , that's also why we decide to make 2 winners this time ^^
next contest will surely be a Drawing contest so prepare yourself !!!
Actually there's a contest running in :icontalesofthenorth:
and tomorrow will be the last day for you to send your little text !
we alrealdy love thoses we receive , you all worked very well on them ! a big thx ^____________^

so take you pen ou keyboard and worked all night on it if necessary and SEND IT TO US before tomorrow evening ! XD

there's a couple pic to win and a lot of thanks and maybe little things too .. we will see with the time we'll have to thank you for taking time doing that contest ^o^

Theeeen ..ep7 for Game of Throne , it's becoming more and more epic , more and more har and more and more deadly for characters ^^; It tooks time for the serie to have a real dynamic but now it's done , nothing will stop it XD
if i have a complaint to do is Ros .... ok she's a beautiful girl ... ok b'c of her we have some confessions from some characters ....but i guess they really paying too much attention to her , thoses minutes could have been used for so many other scenes .. more duels in tournaments ? more scenes between sandor and sansa ? more bronn ? more explanations in some scenes ? ... i dunno but she's taking maybe too much time in the show for my taste ^^
can(t wait for the rest of the show anyways , it'll be dramatic i know and season 2 will be tooooo far away .... but i'm still waiting for it impatiently *.*

aaaaaannnd ... after 6years of BJDs collection i'm ... i'm buying my 1st UNOA !!!! ...LOL yeah , it can be surprising , so many people have some but i never have the wish to have one till then , but it's done , buuuuut it'll be a Chibi unoa XD i hope having her in the next weeks and i really hope loving her ^___^ now let's see what kind of customisation i can make with her *.*
Hello to all ^__^

a Little update in this journal to let you know the opening of a new contest in our group :icontalesofthenorth:

the rules are on the group and you'll win a couple portrait (one of your OC with one of us) we'll try to do an english traduction soon (if anybody wanna helps ? ^_^) since we accept both french and english language in that little contest ^__^
feel free to ask more info if it can helps you in it !

go on ! you have till may 31th !

and ep 4 online ^o^ i love the end of this one , Cathlyn (for once) is really amazing in this scene , i like it a lot (and peter dincklage just perfect as always)
Dany becoming strong , beware the new dragon *o*
but ...Sansa is out for me .. i 'm not that fond of the character by itself but without Sandor she seems ..flat ... i still have in mind her happiness to be in King's landing and even more during the tournament , but for now we just saw an angry and boring girl ... that's sad

Sooo the last round finally end and our winner is :


As promised you have a week now to ask any question you want to him : he'll be forced to answer to all , don't worry =P
it can be about his living mode as his history or near future , all you want ^___^

plus ! we decide also to give you all a chance to ask a question to your favorite male character also , even if he failed in the election , so fans of Brashen,  of Belkam or any other else character , don't forget to add a question on your fav male too !

anyways , thanks a lot to all for your participations in the election , your support was greatly appreciated :heart:

and stay stunned for the next weeks , we'll , as promised , propose a little writting contest (french /english only allowed) : you'll be able to win a drawing ^o^ the rules and details will be describe later in the month ^^

and b'c i had to talk about it ... for Game of Throne fans , what do you think about the TV serie yet ? XD
we have now 2 ep online , so i 'm very interested to know your opinion about it for thoses 2 ^^

thanks !